Vorboss Lockers

The Brief  

Vorboss is a dedicated enterprise network based in London. As a company, they are one of the highest capacity enterprises focussed on providing fibre networks across the UK offering a ‘fast, reliable service’. It was an honour when Vorboss reached out to us after visiting our website to discuss the opportunity to work with us on their proposed project. Vorboss required 112 bespoke  

lockers to be designed, manufactured and installed into their premises. They had very specific requirements to ensure that the new lockers matched seamlessly with their existing lockers. As a team we were delighted to take on the challenge and work alongside Vorboss to achieve their vision. 

With both parties having a strong focus on high levels of service, we know this venture would be a great partnership. 


Vorboss required; high quality, stylish, custom lockers designed to match ones they had previously, at a competitive price. We approached manufacturers who provided suitable designs which allowed us to successfully compare them with the existing lockers. The client had an underlining requirement for the lockers to be identical in terms of aesthetics and quality and to maximise the space available. 

The solution 

  • Vorboss and their team were matched with one of our expert project coordinators. 
  • There was an initial client meeting where the customer’s needs and wants were expressed and how we were going to get the goods where they needed to go. 
  • Floor plans were created and recommendations were made to the client regarding placement of the lockers and what will look best to match previous lockers. 
  • Samples were given to the client such as wood samples and vinyl numbers to make sure the client was happy with the result. 
  • After the design concepts were confirmed, we got to work, manufacturing began. 
  • Expert installation and thorough planning reduced the opportunity for challenges to present themselves. 

Since the project was such a success the client confidently recommended us to fellow companies. “Our overall feedback was that the ‘lockers here are looking good’ and the client said on site that they looked ‘absolutely fantastic’.

The customer valued our personal service and that we were happy to meet them onsite, conducting a site visit. They also really appreciated the attention to detail.