CGI Insurance

The Brief:

CGI Insurance Services were introduced to us as a referral from a previous client. The team at CGI had visited an office space that we had previously completed a full fit out on and were so impressed, they knew that they had to work with us.

CGI Insurance Services are an independent insurance broker with over 35 years’ experience working with both personal and business clients. They are committed to maintaining strong personal relationships with their clients and providing a service reflecting excellence within their field.

As a company, CGI adopt 5 core principles of; greatness, respect, achievement, client-focus and excellence which work together to promote a culture of teamwork within their organisation. It is for this reason that when the scope for the project was outlined, these core principles needed to be considered to enhance staff wellbeing and performance as well as providing a professional space for clients to meet in a comfortable manner and results to be achieved.


The client required a full furnishing package that spread over 4 floors of their practice in Lichfield. Within this project, we had to consider that the client had a chic location in the heart of Lichfield’s business district where traditional Georgian properties have been converted into office premises. Reduced lighting, multiple floors and varying room parameters were all factors for consideration.

Our project scope included; redesigning office spaces to maximise the potential of the space. Creating focussed meeting rooms for differing numbers of user’s dependant on the client that they were meeting with and to provide furnishings for the client reception area

The Solution:

After a full site survey was conducted, to fully establish the scope of the project and the opportunities that the building allowed, a meeting was held with the client and ideas were shared.

  • Recommendations were made to the client on ways to maximise the potential of their space given that office spaces were none standard and varied in potential capacity.

  • Furniture choices were put forward that would allow the client to harness the potential of the available natural light and develop a comfortable working space for its employees. The sizes and span of furniture was also a factor for consideration given the traditional nature of the building and stairway access.

  • The clients sampled furniture and discussed potential options with their employees.

With these factors taken into consideration, a proposal was then delivered to the client and joyfully accepted.

Timescales were put into place for the completion of works. Given the nature of the project being a full organisational fit out, a staged rollout plan was commenced so daily works would be uninterrupted.

  • Installation was agreed and a team of experienced installers were used that had experience working within traditional properties.

The project was a tremendous success. Employees were delighted with their new setting and choice of furniture and visitors were able to enjoy meeting spaces tailored to their needs.