The Brief:

Columbus Global UK Ltd are a business management company, committed to helping companies transform, maximise, and futureproof their business. Therefore, our comprehensive design solution was required to reflect their mission.

Established in 1989, with more than 2,000 employees and serving over 5,000 customers worldwide, Columbus Global pride themselves on being their clients trusted advisor aiming to empower, sustain and delight them to achieve their desired goal.



Columbus Global required a modern yet comfortable collaborative breakout space for their employees. The design complemented their corporate branding, creating a cosmopolitan, modern and impactful presence that also cultivates a space that provides comfort, functionality and collaboration for employees.

Columbus Global had an idea in mind for the space which was brought to fruition between a partnering of our valued bespoke furniture design partners, and our creative lead, Kate.


The Solution:

We were able to fulfil their aspirations whilst being in line with their financial scope and address all their objectives and more.

  • An initial site visit was completed by the project lead to determine the extent of the project. As made to order furniture was agreed upon timescales were discussed to ensure a realistic completion date.
  • Potential furniture was explored during idea sessions, and fabric samples were shared with the client and agreed upon.
  • Visuals were presented to the client to ensure core objectives were being achieved. The client wanted a particular colour palette throughout, therefore with consideration it was included in the seating, booths, and accessories.
  • Once we had liaised and fulfilled Columbus Global’s vision and achieved the desired effect, production of the furniture began.
  • The smooth installation of the furniture was completed, and Columbus Global’s vision was brought to life.


We greatly appreciated the opportunity to be artistic with this project and work to a client’s vision. The result was awe-inspiring, and the feedback received reflected the desired effect Columbus Global wanted to create for their team.